Rowen came over and visited for the day.

Rowen was over for about five hours and we played with Lego and Playdoh for an hour at a stretch. Rowen is very creative and wanted to make everything he saw on the side of the Lego box. We narrowed it down to making a monster truck. But, rather than go through the box of parts he informed me that the only way we can get the parts to make the monster truck is by pulling apart the pre-assembled tour bus. Tearing apart the bus was a bigger job than we first thought so we called it quits once we had acquired all the parts we would need. I can only assume that the next time we sit down to play with Lego we will jump right in and put that monster truck together in no time.

We found several flashlights and but couldn't really appreciate how bright they were until we tuned off all the lights in the room. Once the lights were turned off it was, of course very dark if you didn't count the noon light that was coming in the four large windows. With the main lights off, it was impossible for me to see him because, you know, the lights were off. He would turn the flashlights on and then I could see him again. This game of virtual hide and seek went on for about 20 minutes.

We also learned that if you don't hang onto the railing on the stairs you can slide and bump your shins. He only had to do that once and he became the railing police. One hand on the railing was good but two hands was better.


  1. You are fortunate that you had enough pieces to make the Monster Truck even if it involved tearing the tour bus apart. In my day there were many wonderful things you could make in the pictures on the meccano box - IF - you had 15 sets of meccano!

    1. We never did get around to building the monster truck. I think he likes the IDEA of building a truck more than he actually wants to build a truck. Me, I remember taking clocks apart when I was a kid.

    2. I remember taking many of my younger sisters' broken toys apart to see if I could fix them. And when there weren't enough broken toys to take apart I graduated to taking working toys apart to see how they worked just in case I had to fix them some day. Sometimes I was even lucky enough to get them back together again.


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