It's Your Birthday - Up Against The Wall!

I don't celebrate birthdays. Like Jim says, "Thanks to all for your birthday wishes although it really wasn't MY accomplishment."  In my case, I don't remember actual event or the first seven birthdays and the eighth was so bad that it was the last one I celebrated. Maybe I'll tell the story of my eighth birthday on my 67th later this year.  But, this isn't about me. (~ eye roll ~)

What I do like about birthdays is that it is a good excuse for family and friends to get together. Quicker than a wedding, which doesn't happen too often anymore and nicer than a funeral, which seems to be happening far too often.

So we had a nice gathering today with the excuse of celebrating Ronnie's and Jimmy's birthday. After the meal, at the King Kong Buffet, GG asked for a photos of all her kids while they were together. After all, what is a birthday without some quaint family snapshots...

They were asked to stand against the wall for a photo and it seemed like an automatic reflex for them to do this.
...and this.
I think this was more of what she had in mind.

Tried to get all kids and spouses but Sue and Dennis had to leave early.


The birthday boys were delighted and overjoyed to pose with the cake.


  1. Happy Birthday Ronnie & Jimmy - you don't even look like twins.

    1. Uncle and nephew but it really doesn't matter. A birthday is still a good excuse to pig out at an excellent buffet and hang with kin.


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