I'm the New Sherlock Holmes

In the middle of our living room we have an oval dark wood coffee table. In the middle of the table we have a larger white bowl with fluted edges. The white bowl always contains the fruit from the last couple of grocery shoppings. It is actually an evolving work of art, over time. In a later entry I will present a collage of the changes in the fruit bowl. Book your tickets for the premiere of that video and I will make the big announcement later. So, the fruit bowl usually offers oranges and clementines, a few apples, a small bunch of bananas and the occasional; grapefruit or mango. Everyone is encouraged to help themselves to a piece of fruit rather than a cookie, brownie or cupcake. We don't have many of those right now because we are on a sugar fast, but more about that in a later entry.

One of the folks who enjoys a banana almost every time they are over is Rowen. We may have to help him finish it but he jumps in with enthusiasm and energy. Often, like many kids and myself, the idea of eating this or that is greater than the actual ability to eat it. Rowen will often got through most of a banana, get started on an apple and lose all his steam. I eat a lot of 3/4 apples.

It was a quiet, calm sunny afternoon yesterday and I was cleaning, straightening and putting through the house when something, something unusual triggered a mindful moment. I felt it coming on from the back of my mind.. something is wrong here.. something is different... something's not quite right. It looked around the living room and focused in on the fireplace, Gehenna was cool and quiet. The ceiling fan blew a cool, refreshing breeze but that was normal. The light pine wood of the living room walls, floor and ceiling gleamed in the winter sunlight that shimmered through the cool green fabric curtains. No, that wasn't it. My mind went into overdrive and I zoomed in on the details of the quilt on the couch, the finished jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table (That's yet another entry) and the most excellent speakers on the fireplace mantle that were playing soft Reggae music (Yet another entry). And then I spotted it. Ahh Haa... there it was... evidence that Rowen had left behind. He had left his mark on one of the red Princess apples. It was a coded message that said, 'Grandpa, I left this apple for you.'