I May Have Been a Little Harsh

Brace Bridge in Bracebridge

In my last post I didn't actually say that I had no use for winter and I wish that it was summer all the time. Not in those words. However, later when I was waiting to catch the bus for work I got more specific. It was snapping cold and a sharp breeze put a slicing edge on it. The bus was late, I was early, whatever. I found myself thinking that it would not seem quite so long a wait if the sun was shining down warmly.

A lady came to the bus stop and after a short pause I found myself saying something like, "Cold enough for you?" No - I would never say that! Only a dork would say something like that. But, whatever I said felt much the same because I caved and gave into complaining about the obvious. I was thinking that I would make a 'lowest common denominator' type comment that would guarantee agreement on her part. You know - find something you have in common to start a conversation. I said something about how much nicer it would be in summer and how I mentally go to a place where, "The sun is beating down, there is a hot breeze blowing and the warmth just melts all my worries away." I got the response I deserved, "I can't really agree with you because I have COPD and a couple other conditions that make the summer heat intolerable." Hmm... Some people don't like the summer. What a concept.

So, I decided to give winter a second chance. I wasn't going to go snowmobiling, skiing, skating, tobogganing or any of that crap but I did the closest thing I could bring myself to do to appreciate winter. I stopped the car, got out and took a couple of photos of conspicuous winterness. Winter is actually kind of pretty. That sounded lame. Winter has a majestic presence. Gag me with a spoon!  I got some good photos.

The river had just frozen over. I wouldn't drive a car on it. Although some people did exactly that and broke through, The newspaper quoted the OPP diplomatically referred their actions to as, "Displaying a serious lack of good judgement." I can imagine the exact words that the officers used (and so can you.)

I enjoyed my first winter photo encounter so much that I decided to take pictures at several locations up and down the river. So, at the fifth stop, as I stood beside the car and slowly lost all feeling in my fingers and toes I had to admit that the winter scenery was really, well, pretty.


  1. I don't hate summer OR winter. I equally love summer, autumn and winter. Spring - not so much because it's just a tease.


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