Cori, Our Canine Family Member

Cori, our Chinese dog, has settled in much more. He spends most of his time waiting for his girl to come home and play with him. They have bonded tightly and he responds well to commands delivered in a high pitched chirping and squeaking that sounds much like the language of dolphins. Only Rori can speak it so he doesn't bother listening to anyone else. I am not sure what kind of treatment he received in China but he does not react well to wrinkly old bald guys. (Or maybe it's just my deodorant.)

At first he wasn't allowed on the furniture because he had a couple of 'accidents' in the first few months. He seemed to relax into the place and we gave him a couple times to prove that he could follow the rules and he did well, so the compromise was that he has one seat on the couch as long as there is a towel. He has been good with that.

He is very social with other dogs in the dog park. He doesn't want to play with the smaller dogs but he will take on anything twice his size. What he doesn't have in leg length he makes up with energy and he can keep up with all but the greyhound types. 

He had a seizure in the park today and we are concerned because we have no idea what brought it on.  The vet basically suggested we try everything from avoiding seafood to back massages. (No, not really.) But we are being careful about what he eats. Heather got the massage because she was the one with Cori when he had the seizure. Now Cori is on a diet as strict as our No Refined Sugar diet (Covered in a later entry.) Time will tell....


  1. When you come all the way from China to find a family like Cori has, no darn seizure will stop him. He says, "Wǒ hěn qiáng!"

    1. Whatever happened hasn't repeated itself in the last couple of days. I am hoping that he ate something he shouldn't have. He does have a tender tummy.
      And, yes, the fresh air in the Himalayas is good for the complexion. Or, I may have translated the Chinese poorly.


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