A Matter of Perspective

One of the most common conversation starters that I have encountered in the last month has to do with how cold it is, how much snow there is and how sharp the wind is. I have made a conscious decision not to go there. After all, this is Muskoka and we have not come to February yet. I don't want to be miserable all winter so I will just roll with it. 

I made a special point of looking around to see how bad it is. At church we had been reading about about the pioneers who travelled out west by ox cart in the middle of winter. We are so blessed to live in these times with all the comforts.  It was snapping cold and I walked around the house and took a few photos of how cold and miserable things are this winter....

...after looking around I don't feel so bad about riding the bus to work for 20 minutes. Taking the dog to the dog park for a while. Okay, even then I drive the little bugger in the car to park, but - it is cold standing there while he finds just the right spot. Okay, you got me... it's usually Heather who takes the little bugger for a walk to the dog park. She's my hero. 

But this makes my point... Brenda just announced that it is going to be -30 with the wind chill this weekend. At first I was shocked, then I thought about it. My body will be in the well heated work site, in our toastie home or the well adjusted church environment. My mind will be in Cuba. I will only have to put up with moments of coldness while I go from the house to the car into work, to church and back into our home. I will NOT be helping push an ox cart through a field of frozen tundra going to some god forsaken land without a a map. All things considered, life is good.
Now, there are folks who really love this weather. I see you as you tear about the forest behind the house on your snowmobiles, slide down the icy hill by the dog park. (Okay, Heather tells me about you.) and others are jogging with toques and scarves, well, you simply get what you deserve. Sorry, what I meant to say was, good for you. Embrace the winter.

Bottom line for me is that I don't care for the cold but, in fact, I don't actually come in contact with much winter. When I look at it that way it's not so bad, and, life is good.


  1. What I have never understood is this thing about the temperature being -20 but with the wind chill it feels like -30.

    What the fuck is THAT all about? What does the thermometer say? THAT's the real temperature!

    If I drink a bottle of tequila and go out into the snow in a t-shirt and barefoot, the temperature will feel much like it does in Cuba. But will I still not get frostbite?


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