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Cuba Day Five - The Beach

Before we even got started Rori was up and going and played several games of pool while grandpa had a couple cups of espresso.

This morning we had another nice breakfast in the buffet while Heather relaxed back in the room.
Rori's energy is off the scale. After getting up early yesterday, swimming, dancing and climbing all day she stayed up late with Heather and watched the late show. She was up early again this morning and had the day all planned out. We played a few games of pool before breakfast

We were not fast enough with our breakfast so we sent her out with some sausage to fed a cat somewhere, anywhere on the resort. That bought us about 15 minutes. Then it was off the the beach. It was a 'green flag day' so we got some lounge chairs and settled in under an umbrella. The sand, sea and sky were classic beautiful and the sun was HOT.

Mental note to myself for our next trip.>>>  'Hey, stupid, the sun is really freakin hot! Take more sun screen, long sleeve…

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