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Cuba Day Three - Varadero

We all met up in the morning at the Sports Bar. Rori loves blueberry pancakes and they had pancakes on the menu but there wasn’t a blueberry to be seen. On that topic Rori loves mangoes. I found that odd because I never heard of mangoes until a few years ago. Well, I had heard of them but I hadn’t actually tasted them. With mangoes being her favourite fruit I have come to like them too but mango season is May and June not February. They did have papaya, guava, pineapple, banana (baby banana that is) and plantain. I discovered that I like papaya but was not so big on guava unless it was in the Nestle’s ice cream bars that they sometimes had in the buffet freezer. The Cubans are so adaptable and casual, it makes me laugh. We were at a fancy a la carte Italian restaurant several days later and Brenda couldn’t have any of the menu desserts so the waitress suggested guava ice cream. That sounded good. She brings out a plate with a Nestle’s guava ice cream bar half melted on it complete wi…

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