You Will Have to Imagine This For Yourself

You are going to have to use your imagination for this one. I was so amazed that I totally forget to take a photo, never mind a video. So, There I am, in the toy department. I am sweeping out all the toys that have fallen off the shelves and been kicked back under, out of site, since Christmas. That's about two dozen balls, figurines, puzzles and miscellaneous colourful whatzits along with many empty pieces of packaging, coffee cups and dust bunnies per aisle. Each sweep of the dust mop causes a couple more surprises to spring out into the open. In short order I fall into a rhythm; sweep under the display, pull the dust mop forward and pop! there is another couple of treats would emerge. Sweep, pull, pop... sweep, pull, pop.... sweep, pull, pop... about three aisles later I thought I had seen every small toy in the place when - sweep, pull, and out pops a flashing hand grenade. Seriously! It was lime green, had a bright flashing red light and made a ticking sound like you would expect from a 'B' movie time bomb. Seriously? I leaned on the handle of the dust mop and waited for it to 'blow-up,' with a very tinny imitation of an explosion and the red light strobing quickly.

In that moment I was thinking half a dozen things. First, (forget the logistics but...) 'What if it had been real.' Then, in quick succession, 'This is a valid kids toy?', 'Strange I haven't seen these on the shelf before,'  'I wonder how much they sell for?' 'Why would they make it lime green?' 'They could have done much better with the explosion sound,' and finally, the thought I actually acted on, 'Good time for a coffee.'

It wasn't until I came home told Brenda that I got the thought that I should have had at first - "Take a photo."  Small, lime green grenade with flashing red light, cheap sound effects and an unimpressed janitor - create your own image.

ps - The next day I was cleaning more displays in the toy section and out rolls the grenade again. Old news. I toss it in the bin with a couple dozen other pieces of junk and take it back to the customer service desk to be processed. As I was leaving at the end of my shift I notice Sam, an Assistant Manager at the Customer service counter with the basket of junk. He smiles, pulls out the grenade and sets it off. I laugh and tell him the story from yesterday. When I get to the point where I say, "the grenade popped out and I thought... he jumped in with ".. So, this is how it ends."  Much better than what I had come up with.

pps - I still didn't take a damn photo of that piece of junk. Oh well...