I'm Kicking Myself Now

My maintenance room
I am taking a photo a day as a a mindfulness trigger. I look for something that is a bit of a highlight, has special interest or reflects joy and fun (I really liked the 'Up Against the Wall' photo.) I took this photo of the janitorial room where I work after I cleaned it. I am kicking myself because I really should have taken a 'before' shot to go with my 'after' shot. I don't mean I tidied up a bit and do some dusting. I spent over two hours, emptying, washing, scrubbing, scrapping, reorganizing. I think my OCD really stands out in the spray bottle labels all facing forward. I have four coworkers. One is new and I think she will appreciate it. The other two work night shift and have been here forever. They are probably going to hate, or at least resent it.

I take that back. As I am writing this I have been texting with MJ, of the night staff. He sounds really cool and centered with a good sense of humour. This is going to be cool ride. It will keep you posted.

BUT.. that is not all... 

Knowledge Passed on Through the Generations

...oh crap, I haven't got this Messenger technology totally figured out so I can't get some photos from Brenda's phone. We will have to wait until tomorrow to see how GG is teaching her GGD to brew home made hooch.