Things Didn't Work Out As Planned

Here I am in the Bracebridge hospital emergency depart waiting to see a doctor and my photo of the day is some random pipes.

This morning started off very well. I took Brenda to work at 7am and went to Home Depot to get supplies to finish the lighting project I started yesterday. I like the way it is developing and Brenda thinks I'm crazy because I am over thinking the project. But, That's what I do.

While I am in Home Depot I bump into Rob and I asked him about the plumbing issue, because he is a plumber and he tells me what to look for and that is great for me.

I go home with my electrical goodies. I am so excited. They had great LED fixtures on sale for $15, what a steal! Then, when I checked out out they were priced at $10! If I get out of hospital soon I will go back and buy a few more.

At home I check out what Rob suggested and it turns out that we are going to have to put up with the showers going hot when someone flushes the toilet. I said that it was a plumbing issue not a repair. That explains the photo of the day.

Then I remembered to call the doctor to see when I had my last tetanus shot. They didn't have any record of me getting a shot and I am pretty sure that it has been close to 10 years anyway. I called to check because Heather suggested that I should get a shot after having a serious wound. I am not sure if the gash in my foot constitutes a serious wound but there was a fair amount of blood trailed through the house before I realized I was cut. I knew that my foot hurt and I hammered back the jagged exposed edge of the cold air vent that I run into but I didn't think that I was cut. If I knew that I had been bleeding I might not have walked through half the house dripping blood along the way.

I checked with Dr Google and apparently tetanus is not much fun and my real doctor suggested that I come here, to the ER, and get a tetanus booster. While checking in at the hospital they told me that my red and white health card might expire any time. ‘That's okay, ‘ I said, ‘I applied for the new card several months ago.’ They told me that it doesn't take several months to get a new one and when I called Service Ontario they said that they didn't have any record of me applying for a new card. Funny, I clearly remember waiting in line for an hour last spring, then having my photo taken. Looks like I am back at square one.

I was doing so well getting things on my to do list done. I started the laundry, did some cleaning, listened to  a podcast about the ancient Assyrians and paid some bills. Now it looks like I will be waiting in ER and then Service Ontario for the rest of the day . I guess the moral of the story is that one has to be flexible enough to deal with whatever comes up.

Service Ontario waiting room. They were very friendly and helpful here.

ps - I was in ER for 90 minutes and Service Ontario for 60 minutes. Not bad. Life is good.

The really good news is that Brenda is on a week of holidays starting right now!