Going to Play Pool Sometime Soon

Dennis Reimer and I keep setting a date for playing pool but it hasn't happened yet. If I am available he is painting and when he is available I have picked up an extra schedule. How can two semi retired old guys be so busy?  Somehow Dennis has the impression that I am good at pool. This is not the case. I enjoy it but I know that when we finally get together on this he is going to be surprised.

Dad, Arthur and I played quite a bit of pool and I learnt a lot from the both of them.

I am better than I was and all the really important stuff I learnt about playing pool I found in the video below. I found it when Doug stayed with us for a while because we would play pool on our table in the basement and he would always beat me. I got some pointers from Gareth Potts and Doug didn't beat me quite as much. By watching this video and practicing a lot with my Dad and Arthur I got to the point where I didn't embarrass myself when we played at the pool hall.

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