Clean-up In Aisle Three

"Clean-up in aisle three." I only get that about twice a week. It's usually a spilt coffee or my favourite, a trailer of Gold Fish or french fries left by a two year old. Really, I love it - It's hilarious. I am a 'Day Porter' at Walmart. In my day we were called janitors. Among other duties, I push the dust mop around the main floor three times a day and for about 45 minutes I spend time cleaning out under the display racks. This is what I find...

This is stuff that has gotten pushed under the shelves. Yes, that is a take out container of chicken wings in the middle of the floor. It was under the shelves with five spools of ribbon, a ball of yarn,. three rubber balls, scented wax and a fine collection of dusty bunnies. This is a good day. There is usually a lot more.

We have a couple of chipmunks who keep gnawing holes in bird seed and dog food bags. Bags of rice, flour and powdered soap get glancing blows from shopping carts and spill their contents all over the floor. I carry a putty knife specifically to scrap up the wads of gum and labels that stick to the floor. The usual stuff.

Today I talked to a fellow who was using one of the electric carts because he has trouble breathing and walking around the store is too strenuous. I saw him trying to push the cart with his legs. It had run out of juice so I pushed him through the checkout and out to the parking lot. We had a great chat. He is into genealogy and had traced his ancestors back to the vikings. He said that he couldn't go any further back because, well, vikings didn't keep very good records with all the raiding and pillaging that they had to do. 

As I swept up the pile of stuff in the photo I ran into a 78 year old lady who loves Trudeau and has two sons who she knits yarn moccasins and gives $50 every Christmas. She is starting early this year and was buying 'camo' yarn because one of her 'kids' had been in the military. It turns out that this lady also knits face clothes for her church and the Seniors Center. Turns out that she knows Mom - after all. this IS Bracebridge.

At 6pm I walked out of the store and immediately forgot all those responsibilities. I will tell you why this is so important to me in a later post. Hint: I used to have a high level ego-stroking job that I thought was meaningful.

Did I mention that I love this job?